Fulfillment, Warehousing & Distribution

Fulfillment ServicesIn cooperation with Catalyst Channel Marketing, Gorilla Bones supports every possible storage and distribution requirement related to all products that need to get from point A to point B – everything from receiving, warehousing, inventory control, picking, packing, shipping, and reporting.

We are not a typical warehouse. Our objective is not to maximize product spread and storage billings, but rather maximize the use of space. Our primary objectives are to keep goods moving in and out by providing all stakeholders with the tools they need to make effective and timely decisions.

All information is seamlessly centralized on our systems, and all warehousing and distribution controls are managed by us.

We have also developed a custom Web application tool, which provides users with tailored access to:

  • Inventory visibility
  • An order placing mechanism
  • Carrier linked order tracking
  • Basic usage and allocation information
  • And a ‘future needs’ booking mechanism